Freestyle Blitz Tournaments on January 15 and 22, 2005

Ingo Althofer und Timo Klaustermeyer

To win blitz games by the help of programs or grandmasters
counts as cheating. Not so here! In our Freestyle Tournament
teams with arbitrary composition are invited. If Kasparov is
just sitting on your couch, please, let him help. Or take proposals
by Shredder, Hydra, or Junior. All possible participants are
welcome: single humans, single computers, but also teams
with arbitrarily many humans and computers and arbitrary
decision structures.

Short Description

7 rounds CH-system with 7 min + 2 sec/move thinking time;
7 rounds CH-system with 12 min + 5 sec/move thinking time.

Organizers: Prof. Dr. Ingo Althofer and Timo Klaustermeyer
Venue: ChessBase Server (

Begin: Saturday, January 15, 2005, 14:00 h Middle European Time (7+2 Tourney)
respectively January 22, 2005, 14:00 h MET (12+5 Tourney)

Address for Applications:

Deadline for application: Tuesday, January 11, 2005, 20:00 h (7+2 Tourney)
respectively Tuesday, January 18, 2005, 20:00 h (12+5 Tourney)

Notification of Applicants / Participants: until Wednesday, January 12, 2005, 22:00 h (7+2 Tourney)
respectively until Wednesday, January 19, 2005, 22:00 h (12+5 Tourney)

Limitation: At most 40 teams will play
Teams from all over the world are invited.
Event languages are German and English.

In the sequel each participant will be called "team".
In the application the following data have to be given:

(a) true name of the team-leader (the team leader has to be a human), postal address and email address.
The address data will be treated confidentially and not given to other persons.

(b) name of the ChessBase account of the team

Also in case of single computer programs a human has to be the team leader!

Prizes (7+2 and 12+5 Tournaments)
1st Rank: 1000 ChessBase Ducates
2nd Rank: 500 ChessBase Ducates
3rd Rank: 250 ChessBase Ducates

For the ranking within the CH-system the server software and its
"fine-rankings" are used. Prizes are not split.

Amongst all teams who participate in both tournaments and get the largest
sum of points, a special "combination price" of 500 ChessBase Ducates is raffled out.

Each team really has only 7 minutes + 2 sec/move respectively
12 minutes + 5 sec/move, as is counted down by the Server clock.
There are no bonus times for communication within a team.

The referee panel for the Freestyle Tournament consists of
the following three persons:
Ingo Althofer, Lars Bremer, Timo Klaustermeyer

Cheaters, be warned!
"Freestyle" only means that the use of computers and human
team members is legal. But, this does not hold for tricks of
manipulation. For instance, collecting thinking time or
stealing time from the opponent by network tricks is forbidden.
Cheaters will be excluded without possibility of revision.

Right of Secrecy
Nobody has to lay open the structure or members of his team.
However, we would be happy, when after the event many participants
report about their teams and experiences.